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Where can I purchase sisal fabric (not rope) to refurbish a cat tree? Answered

I am helping a 501c(3) cat shelter refurbish several cat trees. Everything is coming out of my pocket so I'm interested in finding raw materials as cheaply as possible, but not wanting to buy in "tons". I'd like to use the sisal fabric so that it is faster to refurbish next time, and last longer than sisal rope. Some of the trees will require fabric vs rope period.

I have spent hours looking for a supplier and cannot find any unless I want to buy from someone on alibaba.com and their minimum order is more than I can possibly use or fund.

I also am confused about sisal orders being sold as 10lbs. Is that the weave, or the weight of the order? I found one site selling 10lb for over $30 but it appears to be only 2 12" x up to 18" strips. I can buy a new tree and strip off the fabric for that amount. The places making these scratchers must being buying this stuff somewhere.

I've looked at box box stores thinking I'd buy a rug and cut it up, but those are really too thick, and again too expensive.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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