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Where can i find information about how modules that run through the mains work? Answered

Do you know of anywhere on the tintermaweb where i could find out how theses modules, such as x10 or ethernet wall plugs, work?


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Best Answer 12 years ago

The brief answer is that a higher-frequency signal (at about 5V amplitude, if I remember correctly) is injected into the power lines The receiver has a filter which extracts this signal and feeds it into decoding circuitry In the case of ethernet-over-powerline, you can think if this as a modulator/demodulator (modem) on each end. In X10, the signals are simpler since they only need to convey about 32-64 bits worth of information per command. X10 is a published standard; if you're really interested, you could probably track down a copy of that spec.