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Where do i find this? I am building a toy that requires a small motor extracting and retracting a shaft.... Answered

....and I am not in the field. It wont require a high torque and I would say I need a range of 15 cm (approximately) of shaft movement. Something like the picture below(.gif).

I wish it would also rotate, but it is fine like that.

Anyone please could help me with this...I found it online but they are super expensive because I only saw industrial types for high torque, heavy load use.

Do they make it in plastic? or any other cheap material for light use? any suggestions as per substitutes with same action? what name do I look for under?

Please help.

Very appreciated and a big thank you!!



5 months ago

How about a length of threaded rod turned by the shaft. Then a captured nut that pushes a carriage back and forth. Basically like a powered drill press vice.