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Where do you see video games in 20 years? Answered

Where do you see video games in 20 years? Do you think we will still be using controllers, or motion sensors? Will we still be playing Call of Duty, or will we be playing Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games(MMORPG) with graphics that will be compared to what we see in our eyes. Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) be improved, or still horrible.



Best Answer 8 years ago

One way to view the future is to look back the same distance. 1990's saw the development of the dedicated games consoles, Sega etc  So better graphics, and faster games were being developed.

The future?, complete immersion games, Holographic displays, Direct sensory stimulation of all senses. A popular experience to go to a fine dining banquet and experience all of the sensual input of fine food and the finest wines but spend nothing and put on no weight!!

The ability to go on a virtual holidays, trips to extreme places you could not otherwise access, mountain tops, deep sea, outer space, 100 realistic experience.

The use of simulated experience in schools to allow students to practice skills that would be too dangerous or expensive  for them to do otherwise.

Direct simulation allows full sensation without the need to build an expensive mechanical simulator so space flight, flying, driving, etc become real experiences. Full body scanning input to games so they react to your movements without the need for keyboard or joystick etc.

More challenging games allowing users to exercise their minds as well as their body.

The development of entertainment pods that allow people to enjoy their games in private with all of the full sensory input required.

The development of virtual relationships where the AI is so real it is impossible to tell them from a real girl/boy friend.

The virtual world will become portable so people can include their normal activity within their fantasy world. It's possible the some/many will turn to these electronic world in much the same way as people use drugs today. Using them as escapes from the dull real world we live in.

With such sophisticated environments there will be, for many, no need to actually go to a particular place to work. they will be able to join a virtual school/office or factory. Perhaps operating remote equipment on the other planets mining  / manufacturing or exploring without ever leaving their living space - controlling a remotely operated robot with full sensory feedback - as real as it gets. This may be one answer to the fossil fuel shortages we WILL be suffering soon.

Increased leisure time will be an intensive for the development of the other ideas above to help people to fill in their time.

Human society today is a matter of Shelter, Food, Energy.

If we can house people in smaller spaces by making them seem bigger via a virtual interface,

if we can develop automated systems to produce food at far higher efficiencies than current farming,

If we can develop a cheap sustainable form of energy all of this might happen.

Technologically none of this is impossible, and much IS possible with today's level of knowledge and engineering capability.

We shall see 40 years ago I didn't believe computers would be smaller than my living room, I didn't believe my car would become so intelligent I couldn't   maintain it, i didn't believe that housing would cost £200,000+ and I would earn a salary at a level to buy into the housing market!! Who knows where the future goes!. (Mind, I also thought everyone would retire at 50)


Answer 8 years ago

.  +1.  Immersion was the first thing that came to mind when I read the title.
.  "40 years ago I didn't believe computers would be... ! Who knows where the future goes!"
.  ROFL  Ain't it the truth? My car cost almost as much as I paid for my house and fixing it involves more time with a keyboard than a wrench.


8 years ago

i think theres gonna still be controller but you dont need to press down to hard.just lightly touch and your playing.and for CoDbO its not going to be played on xbox.you can play it on gamecube because someone is going to build a new gamecube type thing.


8 years ago

I think we are gonna go 3d, and then holographic. As for input... I think that full body movement and voice commands will control it, like a vastly improved kinnect.


8 years ago

I believe graphics wise the games won't improve significantly because it would cost them to much to make the games look really good. I think we will probably have a controller that gets strapped on to your head and uses brain waves to control an object around. I think online community's will be the same but much more refined. Yes I also think AI will improve.


8 years ago

Direct neural connection with interactive metaverse...like second life or playstation home, or TRON. Not 3d, but 'all' dimensional. You won't know you're in the game.

Less hardware, no motion sensors, just neural connections for input and output.