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Where is a list with the most recent instructables? It should be on the frontpage IMO? Answered

On the front page there is a list with featured Instructables, one with "Zeitgeist", whatever type of German Wurst that may be, and one with Popular. But where is the simple "Most Recent" list. It should be somewhere!


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Best Answer 11 years ago

It's right here in the explore section. (see explore link in header)


A steady feed of recent projects isn't on the homepage because we get a whole lot of projects each day, and we've found that it's best to just feature the best ones, and push those to the front.

You can always check out all of the projects that are published on Instructables though via the link above.


11 years ago

As a member/user, you can customize the menu on the upper right corner (right by You.) Go to your "you" page, and click on "customize" under Your Account.

I have mine set to: Recent, Forums (all) and my Library. So they are one click away...