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Where is the induction kettle or hot water system? Answered

No modern kitchen these days is complete without at least a single induction cooktop.
Convient to even place on the table to keep things warm but also nice to have 4 or 6 "hotplates" to cook on that are actually not getting hot at all.

When it comes to efficiency induction cooking tops all others as no heat is wasted.
Which brings me to the point...
A single cooktop goes now often for well under 50 bucks.
Although the base might end up slightly higher than a normal kettle I fail to see why we don't have induction kettles in our kitchen.
Why wait 12 minutes to have the thing boil if you can do it cheaper and faster?
Way more convinient too as there is no pesky contacts and heating elements anymore, no failure due to leaks either...

But what really got me wondering is the hot water systems or heating options like prefered in Europe.
Here you have a central "boiler" so to say and water circulates through valves into finned radiators, usually located under windows.
We have oil filled radiators of this kind as free standing units that are now being phased out because they waste too much energy with their heating elements.
Same story for just hot water :(
On demand systems are getting more popular now outside Europe but still the common solution is to have a few hundret liters of water in a tank that is kept hot no matter how much of it we use.
Be is gas or electric both types have their drawbacks and to get ahead of the corrosion that always kills them we now opt for expensive stainless steel tanks...
Using induction it would be very easy to have a fully sealed tank and to actually only heat what needs to be heated without wasting too much energy.
The "heating" element could be just a steel plate inside the tank with no connections to the outside.
The gap between wall and element doubles to make the water circulate.
And changing from a fixed timer to a temperatur control system to turn the induction element on and off is not hard either.

Do you have an induction based hot water system, heater or maybe kettle already?
Would love to see it...


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1 year ago

Almost certainly the boiler as the heating element will be surrounded by water so the heat energy can’t be transmitted anywhere else - it could also be insulated to reduce heat loss from the water externally. An induction hob has to heat the pan/kettle in order for it to heat the water in it, so more heat has to remain in the container and can be lost externally without ever heating the water.
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