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Where is the wireless hardware switch on my Compaq 8510p? Answered

Apparently it's turned off so I can't use IntelPROSet/Wireless to connect to the Internet.


Joe Martin

Best Answer 10 years ago

From the manual:

Using the wireless button
The computer has a wireless button, one or more wireless devices, and one or two wireless lights, depending on the model. All of the wireless devices on your computer are enabled at the factory, so the wireless light is on (blue) when you turn on the computer.

The wireless light indicates the overall power state of your wireless devices, not the status of individual devices. If the wireless light is blue, at least one wireless device is on. If the wireless light is off, all wireless devices are off.

NOTE: On some models, the wireless light is amber when all wireless devices are turned off. Because the wireless devices are enabled at the factory, you can use the wireless button to turn on or turn off the wireless devices simultaneously. Individual wireless devices can be controlled through

Wireless Assistant software (select models only) or through Computer Setup.

NOTE: If the wireless devices are disabled by Computer Setup, the wireless button will not work until you reenable your devices.

The wireless button is located above your keyboard where all the volume controls and such are.


4 years ago

how do i reset bios default for wifi?

reenable wireless devices


10 years ago

there should be a touch sensitive button on the keyboard ( above more specifiacally) area touch it...voila