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Where might I find corner protectors for a cargo truck (like U-Haul has), preferably in Utah? Answered

I have this old cargo truck (I hope that's the right name, they're like the trucks/vans that U-Haul uses where it looks like someone took a big metal box and slapped a cab to the front) that I just bought and I'd like to fix up. I've seen other trucks like it with corner bracket things on them that protect the corners, and I'm hoping to find some after-market ones for mine. Plus I live in Utah, so I'd prefer a resource nearby (sorry, a Mom & Pop store in Japan won't do me any good). An online resource is okay too (preferably in the U.S.).



10 years ago

Any store that sells vehicle accessories will have them available by catalogue at least. Look for somewhere that specializes in truck or tractor trailer accessories to find them in-stock. A quick look in your yellow pages should net you at least one store in your area. Sorry I don't have a store name, but I'm a looooong way from Utah. Best of luck.