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Where should I plug in my computer to my old stereo system? Answered

I have a stereo system that is very old and doesn't have a place specified for computers. I have a number of things plugged into it, and the only remaining spots are: Tape-2 (Monitor), VDP, VCR-1, and VCR-2. Which would be best to plug the computer output into? (I've got it all set up with adapters so it fits the RCA plugs). Thanks.


Quercus austrina

Best Answer 8 years ago

Any of those will work, as they all accept line level signals at the audio "IN" jacks. My personal preference would be for one that I know I would not use at anytime, most likely Tape-2 (Monitor) or VDP. All you will need is a 1/8" stereo to stereo phono jack adapter cord. These are available at many stores, ranging from the "Dollar Store" (or equivalent) up through Kmart/Walmart to high end audio stores. The price range is up to you, but it seems that the highest you might want to go is Kmart/Walmart. Any more and you are paying WAY TO MUCH!

Once you have it connected, use your computer's volume control to match the volume coming from another source, say FM or Tape-1. Once matched, write down the computer volume setting and then use the volume on the stereo to turn it up or down.

Happy listening!