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Where to buy citrus peel in bulk? Answered

Remember that orange peel cat litter that was briefly on the market about three years ago? The cats hated the stuff, but oh how it worked in the bunny's litter box. I want to buy orange peel in bulk, since the litter company appears to have gone under. But I don't want the fancy pants potpourri or medicinal or culinary stuff. The bunny won't come in direct contact with the litter, so such properties do not matter. Citrus peel + baking soda = best DIY bunny litter. Any suggestions of websites where I could order such citrus peel would be awesome. Thanks in advance!


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11 years ago

Contact any company that uses the pulp of citrus fruit. IF it is not being used as a by-product (where they can make profit from it!), then you might have a supplier,-if you are prepared to pick it up. Perhaps approach a club that sells jams (including citrus based), for charities? Good luck!