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Where to find old UPSs welders and power line transformers? Answered

I am trying to make money by salvaging copper from old junk like tranformers. I wanted to know where I could find the following items for salvaging:
  1. UPSs. Uninteruptable power supplies have really nice power transformers with lots of copper.
  2. Old welders. These have lots of copper in the windings and cables.
  3. Power Line Transformers. I have read these have about a hundred dollars worth of copper in them.

I would like to get these for free or very cheap.




7 years ago

Someone already said it. There are TON of people doing the same thing. To the point where they are stealing bridge railings and ripping the plumbing out of houses. It's a tough game to get into.

Finding old welders is hard. They don't got sold cheap enough while in working order to make any scrap money on them. Ones that are dead usually get scrapped by the person that owns them. Unfortunately for you anyone who owns a welder is in some sort of metalworking and is aware of the scrap value of their equipment.


7 years ago

You need to figure out a way to compete with the people who are already doing this.
The answer is "scrap-metal-dealers".



7 years ago

Problem is most towns have an electronics recycling program that handle most domestic items like UPSs.

Companies that use equipment like Welders and similar items with lots of valuable materials like that know they can get money to have them recycled. So when/if a welder reaches the point that its beyond repair they will have it recycled for the money. As for power line transformers the power companies and companies that manage the power lines know they can get money for that stuff too. These companies are not going to miss an opportunity to recoup money from these items.

With the price of copper constantly rising more and more companies and people are looking for every opportunity they can get to recycle copper. You've probably read or seen news stories about people stealing copper pipes or the wires from street lamps. People are also getting fines and jail time for dumpster diving and steeling scrap metal out of company scrap metal bins. Companies are starting to keep there scrap metal bins under lock and key because of this.

Your best bet would be to post fliers and offer money for these kinds of items and more. Offer to buy things like:
  • computers
  • blenders
  • microwaves
  • hair dryers
  • CRT TVs and Monitors
Any broken electronic item in the house that may have a good sized motor or power source in it. You can also check your local good will and thrift stores. Old stereo systems from the 80s and older will have large transformers in them. The DC power bricks from older electronics have fairly large transformers in them as well. Hit garage and yard sales on the weekends. You can always find great deals on old electronics.

It won't be easy and you may have to put in allot of time gathering the stuff and getting the copper out. You may also want to strip any wires you get. Since you will get paid by the pound they offer less money if most of your wire has insulation (thick rubber or plastic coating) on it.