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Where to find the "codeable objects processing library" from http://highlowtech.org/?p=2329 Answered

Hi, I am absolutely fascinated with voronoid patterns. Suspect the math is beyond me, but found some beautiful lamps made with the "codeable objects processing library" from http://highlowtech.org/?p=2329.

Unfortunately the link to the download page for the library is crossed out in the instructions. From what I read, this was available free till 2013, to help people with inclinations more to design than to math to get started with digital design and laser cutting.

Would be truly thankful if someone still has the code and is willing to share it. I am 73 years old...feel I have still lots of time to actually do things, not sure if I have enough time to learn coding as well (smiley here).

By the way, I work with glass (fusing), and last year we bought a Handibot - my husband intends to use it for making circuit boards.. We haven't had the time yet to get started with it, but it is all connected, at least in part for me, with the voronoid patterns.

Many thanks in advance, Carmen


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