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Where to get these electronic items? Answered

Watch the video for the instructable How to make an LED Star Trek light and the author shows the materials he used to make it.  Jump to 4:17 in the video, I am specifically wondering where I would be able to find the roll of LED lights, switch, and battery connector he uses?

Yes, I have posted a question to his channel, but he has not responded. 

Thank you.



4 years ago

1. where in the world are you?

2. There is a wealth of electronic suppliers on the internet - including ebay.

3. Look at my instructable


I used a color changing LED which needs nothing except a power source, a battery will last for ages.

You only need 1 LED unless your making lots of them.

In USA try radio shack (if they still trade) or search for electronic products

IN the UK try Maplin thy have a web site.


4 years ago

You can find a 12V led strip, ANY electronics store or most hardware stores. RGB + a color controller is best ! But Do Not run those strips off a battery; won't last long. Use a wall-wart power adapter (you probably have a box of them hiding somewhere)


use the 9V battery and some 5mm led's (pluse resistors) at the points were the emblem touches the wood.


4 years ago

For things like that I simply use what is available.
For example panel LED's or EL wire for a very consistant light going through the plastic.
Or by placing a big and bright 10mm LED somewhere in the base and to do the rest with optic fibres.
And those lights he used are easier to find than your dropped car keys ;)
Just check Ebay for "LED light strip 5m" ;)
They come complete with switch (dimmer), cable and connector or just the bare roll of LED's for 12V.
I had ordered them without paying attention and now have a hand full of unused switches that I use to drive small DC motors with so they have some use.