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Where to salvage/find an External Gear Pump? Answered

Hello, Have a great idea for an instructable but need to find a small external gear pump for water/hydraulic use, it doesn't even need to work! Help would be in the way of what uses these, I think some cars have them but cant find anything on the web so any ideas about where to salvage one would be awesome. Thanks loads Dave



10 years ago

If you're talking about a water pump you can usually find one at an hardware store or and gardening store. They usually pull into the wall. I don't think that they are geared, but it will work fine if it is for something like pump water in a fountain. It would be easier to answer this if you told what exactly you are using the pump for.


Answer 10 years ago

Thanks for the great responses, It would be used to displace water from a tank of low pressure into a region of high pressure. that's why the external gear pump is favorable due to pressure differences not being too important. Also this pump would use minimal power to do this. The link was very useful, I will be checking my local car breakers for oil pumps Again, Thank you very much