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Where to start on a custom LED stand? Answered

I have this awesome globe. The continents are transparent, and the water is translucent. The south is flat and translucent. When I shine a light through the bottom, it gets partially diffused at the base and lights up the translucent surface.

I want to make a small stand to hold the globe, plus an arduino nano and some LED. I'm lacking in shop skills, so I'm looking for resources on useful materials and similar projects.



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Best Answer 2 years ago

You can get ready to go stands as a mirror platform for crystals and figurines.
Colors fade in and out while the platform rotates.
Might be an alternative to check on Fleabuy for one and compare the price to what you have in mind.


Answer 2 years ago

I searched up "mirror platform" and a long search trail ended on this - https://www.amazon.com/Light-Display-Sensitive-Swi...

It's the right size piece. If I can fit a nano in place of the control board, a few electrical mods will let me use my own program.