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Where to start? Answered

Where did everyone start with modding and building of electronics?

This stuff blows my mind away, and I wanted to start getting into building things, but there are instructables that basically say "have experience before attempting this project".

Are you all electrical engineers or just hobbyists who worked with circuit boards for years and just know this stuff?

Any fun begineer tech instructables or books to read about circuits or working with chips like Arduino?

Thanks everyone, just trying to learn!



8 years ago


I recently started playing around with Arduinos. I guess I needed to go beyond my tinkering with modifying flashlights and bicycle flashers. Once you overcome the big hurdle of buying an arduino - they may be pricey $30(clones may be a bit cheaper but you need the ftdi/usb programming cable, and any additional breakout boards or sensors, costs can add up), you can rock.

You need to have junk electronic equipment to start scavenging stuff from. If you want to delve into electronics, get your basic gear of screwdrivers, wire cutters, fine needlenose pliers, 30-watt soldering iron, solder sucker, breadboard, spools of various thickness wire, LEDs, resistors, etc. There is enough info and tutorials out there to get you started.

I think having a small breadboard is invaluable to hooking up and prototyping circuits. You do not have to solder the connections and you can immediately troubleshoot and correct the wire connections.

Above all, always think safely, getting shocked by batteries and house current is an experience. You may fry a chip or two but those can be replaced. Good luck.


8 years ago

I think there are relatively few EEs; most do-it-yourself electronics folks are just people who aren't afraid to try something new, or to open something up and break it.

There are some really great books out there if you learn better in a structured environment -- look up "Forrest Mims" for some of the best.