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Where's my "Favorites" or "Collections"?? Answered

​I want to use this site, but it's a PITA for reasons like this.

I find an instructible I want to check out later, or maybe plan on doing over the weekend. But unless I bookmark the page, I can't find it again.

- ​I've added things to "Favorites", but can't find where I can view my favorites.
​- I've added things to "Collections", but can't find my collections.

​So how are you supposed to view things you want to save for later? What am I missing?



2 years ago

I did that, nothing was there.

It seems to be a website issue because after I posted this, I'd logged out and just logged back in and now I have "Favorites" with the one I marked as a favorite.

Still no "Collections" anywhere I can find though. I'd added a couple to a collection I made as a test. I can still add others to that collection, but I have no way of seeing what's in that collection.

I just tried adding something else to the collection and when I did, I get an option to view collection. My stuff is there. But still no way to get back to it without using this method.

Do you maybe have to "Publish" a collection before it appears? I was going to try that but it says I have to have 5 things added before I can publish it.

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Josehf Murchisonshaunvis

Answer 2 years ago

First click on Reply so I get a message.

You must be logged in to see them.

The collections must be published.

When you click on You in the upper right hand corner you shouls see your collections.

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Josehf Murchison

2 years ago

Go to your "Members" page, "Favorites and Collections" are under your profile and above your Instructables.

If you bookmarked your old "Welcome" page you will find "Following" on the left.

And while on the "Welcome" page, if you click on the "You" tab you will find the rest of your activities.