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Where's the best place to buy good quality very sticky electrical tape for cheap? Answered

Hey everybody,

I was board so decided to post a tread to know where to buy good quality very sticky electrical tape for cheap...

I'm kind of tired of buying hundreds of electrical  tape rolls and always ending up with the ones that does not stick well, I even tried buying a roll at $10 and it's still the same story.

Do you guys experiencing the same  problem?

Any recommended place to buy some?



4 years ago

Electrical tape is not really meant to stick well.

Even good brands leave only the plastic and a slimy mess after some time.

Do you need it for insultion or as a sticky tape?


Reply 4 years ago

For temporary insulating connections.

It's because I found an old roll and it really stick well so yeah, I would like to know where it comes from. :)


Reply 4 years ago

You might want to check the various types available from Scotch (3M).

It is the only brand we used on jobs as it does not leave a mess (if removed in time), is very stretchy and does not get holes from solder points or pins too easy.

Normal stuff from the supermarket usually is the nasty kind and some electrical suppliers only sell homebrand products labeled as tape.

Get a Sctoch (3M) roll and give it a try, it might stick with you ;)