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Which AC appliances will run on DC? Answered

I am planning on constructing a completely self sufficient home, with the energy created in DC using a water wheel, windmill, and/or generator. I wanted to stay away from inverters (unless REALLY needed), and wonder if i can make dc plug sockets and plug the AC appliances into the DC (building rules and regs wouldnt apply) . They would mainly be simple kitchen appliances eg mixers, and a lot of tools. They would be run from a bank of 12v batteries. i would also use DC lights in the house.
i thought this may be possible from this instructables- https://www.instructables.com/id/Run-AC-Tools-on-Batteries-Directly,-without-an-Inv/

any help would be GREATLY appreciated!?



4 months ago

Many Appliances that run internally on DC, convert the incoming current to DC first, before doing anything else. I mean, the very first circuit after the wire have crossed the boundary of the external case is to rectify the incoming current from eithei 120V or 230V to the equivalent DC voltage. (The recified DC voltage will usually somewhat higher due to RMS of the AC - (look it up)).
So yes, many appliances will work. You may need to be careful about the polarity in this case but yes, very much, yes.


6 years ago

I'm trying to find out how to change my appliances from AC to DC and when I do I will let you know. There is a company in OH that sells DC appliances. Where there is a will there is a way!


Answer 4 years ago

just thinking the same, have you had this thought,

run a red and black wire and solder respectively on the 2 junctions where the 4 diodes making up the rectifier sit, thus breaking the connection feeding this set-up, ie negating the AC in, the small transformer and the diode set-up(rectifier).

Your red/black wire connect pos/inside or vis versa to a ciggerette lighter socket, ie your new plug.

your thoughts to this.


9 years ago

In this part of the world everything is 240 volts so I wire up 18 batteries and started pluging in everything I could find, Computer, Printer, flat screen tv, dvd, playstation, VCR, compact florescent lights, toaster, jug, Phone and laptop chargers, switch mode battery charge. I found that as long as it doesn't have a transformer or an induction motor almost everything works.The stuff that doesnt work doesn't go bang it just wont go, no damage done.( I had a laser printer that threw a fit and jammed the paper but no damage) you may have problems with switches arcing or burning out, I havent as yet but everyone says I will. Inverters sux.


10 years ago

Lights will. Heaters (without fans) will. Anything that converts AC to DC like a TV could be adapted. If kitchen appliances and tools use AC motors - not. L