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Which Kayak should I get? Answered

I am interested in getting a sit on top kayak to take fishing with me when I go campping. I can't decide between the Lifetime Tamarack and the Lifetimme Lotus. I will be buying from Sports Authority. Any Thoughts? (The lotus is $160 and the Tamarack is $230)


  • Sit-on-top kayak
  • Tunnel hull design keeps kayak upright
  • One contoured adult seat
  • One molded-in child seat
  • Paddle cradles secure paddle when not in use
  • Mast receiver receptacle
  • Foot wells for leverage when paddling
  • Generous cargo hold
  • Ditty trays conveniently located for holding odds and ends
  • Bottle holder
  • Cut-out side carry handle
  • T-handle in front with optional rear location

  • Constructed from UV-protected high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Lightweight 50-lb design
  • Multiple footrest positions for different-sized riders
  • Comfortable seat back
  • Stable, flat bottom
  • Easy carry handle
  • Front and rear shock-cord straps
  • 6" center storage compartment
  • Paddle cradles
  • Front and rear T handles for easy transport
  • Deep hull tracking channels
  • Stability chine rails
  • Will not fade, crack or peel
  • Dimensions: L 120" x W 31" x H 14.1"
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Draft: 5"
  • Warranty: 1-year manufacturer's limited



7 years ago

I have the opportunity to get a Pelican Apex 80 for $150 also.
Or... a Heritage Angler 14ft. for $270.


7 years ago

It sounds like the Tamarack offers more flexibility for footrest positions which is going to be important as you (or anyone else) is using it. Furthermore, as you continue to grow into an adult, you'll want the flexibility to work with you.

So, I would suggest that you go to the store and sit in both of them to get a feel for their comfort now, and how it might still work for you in a few years from now.


Answer 7 years ago

+1 on testing sitting comfort.

Also, lift & carry both a bit. Tamarack is 50lbs, heavy for a kayak. Important because it is common to injure yourself when lifting / carrying kayak to/from car and launch.

Not much difference in amenities. Backrest on Lotus is optional / extra. You'll probably want for fishing, so that's $30 extra.

The Lotus is 8', probably better for small / protected water and some bushwhacking. The Tamarack is 10', better for open water and busy water. Since you live in CO, where will you paddle mostly? Small streams and natural ponds or wide, windy reservoir? That could be the reason to choose one over the other.

BTW: read 247's ible Rigging a SINK (sit-in-kayak) for fishing, lots of good advice there.

If it helps: there is no one, best boat, only boats best for a narrow range of use.  Solution: buy lots of boats!


Answer 7 years ago

I wouldn't be in too many streams, but not necessarily a resivaur (I realize I spelt that wrong) but just small mountian lakes.


Answer 7 years ago

I grew up in Ft. Collins CO. If I had a boat then, the municipal lakes and reservoirs like Chambers lake would be better with larger boat. Lots of chop and boat traffic. Additionally, those bodies of water have easy access / put-ins, so lugging a heavier boat is not too much work.  Plus, I could go after school and on weekends to water that is close to home.

However, my family owns property up by the Redfeather's Lakes. Little beaver-dam ponds and those lakes would be better with a smaller boat. Stability not such an issue and water access is harder.

So needing stability vs needing portability may be the way to define which boat fits you better.

Happy paddling and fishing, I can almost taste the trout!


7 years ago

This really is a question only you can answer anything else is just a personal choice.