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Which RF filter do I need for Tesla coil line protection? Answered

How do I determine what voltage and amp rating my RF line filter should be? I'm building a modest Tesla coil, powered by an automobile ignition coil  and must buy an RF line filter for my house mains, but there are so many differently rated filters for sale. I suspect that I can get by with a 120 volt, 10 amp rated filter for my U.S. house current, but all the ones online are rated for 240 volts. Can I still use 240v, and what amp rating?



Best Answer 6 years ago

A 240 V filter will be fine on 110, but not the other way round. Current rating is unlikely to need to be more than 10A


Answer 6 years ago

Thank you for your kind answer. I will enter it in my book of facts and keep it in mind when I select the filter!