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Which are the best food for labrador puppy? Answered

please give me information about which food is best for labrador puppy



2 years ago

It's best to go to a pet shop


2 years ago

1. Depends where you are.

2. Your local supermarket will have a host of different choices from Kibble to tinned dog food (even for puppies)

3. DONT over feed. A fat dog is not a happy dog. Read the recommended amounts on the package.

4. From my experience your better off feeding a puppy twice a day, breakfast and at dinner time in the evening.

5. Once fed take outside to encourage it to poop - Praise works wonders.

6. Don't punish the dog if it has a accident in the house, the dog will not understand - just take out side often at first and praise when it does it right.

7. For a happy dog and a happy owner take your dog to puppy training classes. train NOW and you will both be happier.