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Which battery should i use? Answered

VOltage dosent matter, all that matters is that it gives a minor shock when touched. The bank of batterys wil be going through a auto ignition coil to amplify the voltage. What should i use?.



10 years ago

If you want to make a low power tazer then I suggest that you get either a $1 hand held bbq lighter then dissemble it for the quartz igniter and you could get about 5000V by pressing the button and striking the crystal, or go to a hard ware store and get a built in AAA igniter you could get it on it own for $15 and it could give about 8000V and servile arks a second with only 1.5v input.


10 years ago

Are you working from a plan (show / link). For a minor high voltage shock you should use something small. Have you seen Plasmana's HV stuff?