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Which components and soldered to which? Answered

I have bought an assortment of resistors and capacitors and circuit board s, but how to make

Circuit board
I need to make a circuit board for a project. It is all 12vdc, I have a 1a fan and a 6a thermoelectric device one setting 1, plus another 6a on setting 2, and a 3rd on setting 3
So 1 is 7a
2 is 13a
3 is 19a

How to make the board.
Also a second device has the 1a fan plus a 4watt element, plus another 4w on setting 2, plus another 4w on setting 3
So 1 is 1a and I think 0.4a= 1.4a
2 is 1.8a
3  is 2.2a. I think

I need to know what components to use,

Right now I have each portion wired directly to the switch which is directly wired to the battery. I have burned out one of the 4watt units (I assumed it would just draw the power it needed) so I don't want anything else to burn out.

Eventually I wanted to have a rotary multiple switch controlling both sets with a neutral in the middle (if I can find it)

Printing a circuit board is next to learn,  but I already bought several boards and various assortment of components, just don't know which ones to use



3 years ago

The Thermo-Electric coolers are burning out because they are drawing too much current.

you need to limit the current with a circut like this. only sub out the LM317 (max 1.5 Amp) with a lm1084 (max 5 amp) or Lm1038 (max 10 amp) Use one for each cooler. The fans will not need one, just hook them up to 12v.

Also be sure to use a recent heat sink on both side of the Thermo-Electric cooler. it will help improve performance and help them last longer too.


Answer 3 years ago

the resistors I have are packed 1ohm to 10m ohms

Which one for the 6,12,18 peltier

And for the 0.4, 0.8, 1.2


3 years ago

need more a clearer information - Looks like you need some relays to switch such a high current.