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Which ible is most highly rated? Answered

Browsing the instructables, you can't sort by favorite.   If there was a battle royale between the most favorited instructables, which one do you think would win?

I realize it's hard to say:  Some ibles have been here a long time, so their favorite stats are higher.  Some ibles deal with less popular topics, but are super popular for the people who are interested in it.  So go ahead and make some allowances, and tell me about them.

My two picks from what I've been able to search:

3031 fav, 3.9 million views, 2011

3732 fav, 3.6 milion views, 2007

Not sure which one I would pick.  The bracelet one is really old, but has about as many views as the LED one, so the ratio of fav/view, it wins.  But from a fav/age standpoint, the paracord bracelet wins.


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