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Which nichrome wire should I choose for my project ? Answered

I am working on an electric igniter using nichrome wire. Its my first time with NIchrome so I dont have any idea about it. I have some nichrome wire out of trash but I dont know the amount of voltage and current required to heat it up. It would be very helpful of you guys if you help me with this.

Please tell me the voltage and current required to heat it up and the battery to be used. (Maybe hot enough to turn it red)


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

3 years ago

You should also look in the, "related panel", on the right there, if you have not done this already.


This site seems to have a large number of members who are pyromaniacs, and there are already quite a few 'ibles on the subject of homemade electric matches, firework igniters, etc. Perhaps by looking at a few of these, you can find some insight regarding the things you want to do with nichrome wire.

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

Answer 3 years ago

You do not have to accurately measure the diameter, not if you have tools for measuring the wire's resistance per unit length, and ideally that could be done with a tape measure, and an ohmmeter.

If you can get a believable number for resistance per unit length, e.g. in ohms/meter, then you use a table, like the one in the Wikipedia article for "Nichrome", to discover what diameter of nichrome wire has that characteristic resistance per unit length, at room temperature.


Also note, not all resistance wire is made of nichrome. In fact the word, "nichrome", is in danger of becoming a synonym for "resistance wire". I think I even read, in an 'ible somewhere on this site, language like, "Kanthal is a kind of nichrome," or something ignorant like that. If only I could remember which 'ible it was.