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Which pneumatic cylinder model will be best for robot fight and push 30KG easily?? Answered

I wanna a poweful pneumatic cylinder which can push fastly 30-50KG easily. I want this cylinder for robot fight (But not big pneumatic cylinder max. weight of pneumatic cylinder should be 1.5KG. cause robot has weight limit. i wanna buy this cylinder form online shop ( Like ebay,amazon,hobby king etc. good online shop). But i haven't good knowledge about pneumatic cylinder. So if anyone have good knowledge about pneumatic cylinder then please recommend me a good one for robot fight with all equipment ( solinoid bulb, fitings). Give me the proper goof online shop link where i can buy this pneumatic cylinder.



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3 years ago

I had a look at different setups, cylinder sizes and air pressures....
With the restrictions you have in mind I see little to no chance to make it work.
Even with a CO2 tank and the pressure set to the operating max of a standard cylinder you will be over your weight limit.
Tank, high speed valves and fitting alone already go over 1.5kg if you need more than a few seconds of operating time.
I think a better approach would be a spring and a geared motor with a clutch.
Motor pulls your spring loaded lever down and when you need to punch it the clutch and locking pin is released.
With the right sized motor and gear box you will stay well below the 1.5kg mark but you might have to compromise on the retracting speed depending on motor and gearbox.

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

3 years ago

You will make the math easier for yourself if you can consider your force in newtons, the distance through which the arm must push in meters, and the time in which this action must take place (i.e. how "fastly" the push must happen) in seconds.

If you do that, then you can calculate how much work, and power, is needed for to make your robot push things around.

Also it seems like there should be a simple relation between the area of the piston in your cylinder, the air pressure behind it, and the force this air places on the cylinder, namely

F= P*A

a pascal is 1 N/m^2, and 1 megapascal = 1 MPa = 10^6 N/m^2 = (10^6 N)/(10^4 cm^2) = 100 N/ cm^2

From what I've uncovered so far, typical allowed air pressure for these robot tournaments is around 0.5 MPa, or around 75 PSI (pounds force per square inch). So you know, that works out to like 50 N of force per square centimeter of piston cross-section.

I dunno. The amount of force you're asking for, 300 to 500 N? It seems kind of heavy compared to what I have encountered in my search results so far, for "pneumatic cylinders for robots"


but maybe not impossible.