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Which project I want to make which can useful in future with low cost Answered

Plz give me ans . I want to make in our school science exhibition




6 weeks ago

Look for a problem you can solve.
Look for something that you are capable of doing
Look for something you can afford
Look for something you understand.

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

2 months ago

Well, the thing you should be doing, is the thing you see needs to be done, but that you can see no one else seems to be doing.

By the way, I am paraphrasing a quote from Buckminster Fuller, the full version of which you can read here:


I can give you an example. But it might not be meaningful to you, because, you know, you are likely one of these people who does not see things the way I do, and vice-versa.

Anyway, the thing I have noticed is: not many people make chemicals at home; e.g cleaning chemicals, like soaps or ammonia water; or fuels, either battery fuel or combustible fuel; or even pure water.

You know, pure water is a really useful thing, but most people do not put a lot of thought into making their own, pure water. Although I suppose there are a lot of people who own water filters, or water softener appliances.

Although, I suppose people have their reasons for not wanting to make their own commodity chemicals.

For most people the reason for not doing something, is because it seems to be impossible (e.g. "I can't synthesize glass cleaner at home.") or impractical (e.g. "Why should I make glass cleaner at home, when I can just buy it from the store for a dollar per bottle.")

Anyway, since these are chemistry ideas, I might as well point you towards some chemistry projects. I kind of like Kevin Dunn's old Caveman Chemistry page, here:


By the way, if chemistry is not your thing, you might ask other, similar questions, about technology usually not found as cottage industry, in other words: made at home.

e.g. Why not make electric power at home?

e.g. Why not medical diagnostic equipment, like blood pressure measurement, or x-ray, or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at home?


2 months ago

We cannot tell you what you want. YOU know what you want.
Without a clear topic or at least a direction, it can be enything... Bothanics, electronics, Geology, Chemistry, Math, Programming, woodwork, ... The list goes on and on...