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Which tool for the job(s)? Answered

What sort of multiple tool do I want if I'm planning to work a bit with thin plastic, cardboard or maybe Plexiglas?


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10 years ago

Thin plastic or cardboard you can get away with some heavy duty scissors or use a razor utility knife that has the break off blade segments for a nice sharp edge or a heavy duty handle that uses changeable razor blades. Get a metal ruler or piece of aluminum angle to use as a straightedge guide. For plexiglass, you have to score the cut line a lot and deep before you can snap the piece off. They sell carbide tipped cutters that are just for that purpose. Depending on what you want to do with the plexiglas, you might need a dremel or small router to carve out designs or letters like in an edge-lit sign. As always, know what your tools are capable of and exercise caution and safety.