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Which would be better for a makeshift crossbow, thick rubber or laminated bamboo? Answered

     I was going to make this instructable on another sort of paper crossbow, because I promised that I would make a new version of it. But then I just decided to make a real crossbow. And so it got me thinking; should it be laminated bamboo or just a piece of rubber.

     I know it will be very strong if I used laminated bamboo, but then again my hands are weak so I'm gonna' have to improvise a windlass for that. I'll have to do the same if I use really thick rubber. If you have any other suggestions for my ballista looking future crossbow, then bring it. I don't want to lose my hands while making and operating this thing.



9 years ago

for th' actual construction tech , go to <a href="http://www.archerytalk.com">www.archerytalk.com</a> ! th' good folks there will tell you how to create a laminated bow (for th' crossbow) as strong or weak as you like !


Answer 9 years ago

 hard rubber may work well because it has some good bend in it. although bamboo may be easier to work with. i would probably lean towards the rubber though because bamboo wont be thick enough to get lots of power and is hard to connect to other bamboo rods very sturdily like needed for a crossbow or balista.

 hope this helps!