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While doing electrolysis on some pennies, (Pence?) I noticed a copper coating on my + copper lead? Answered

Is there something special about this? Also, Is this a form of electroplating? I doused some pennies in vinegar for about a week+ and tried this. On a thinner, magnet wire lead, (copper +) it had what I beleive is a dark green copper salt, that burned blue. Can anyone Identify this? Also, I changed the diameter of the lead, to about 1/16 - 1/8 (Copper lead, +) and It seemed like that lead was powder coated with copper. Is there a reason it would not be a copper salt? The other was coated with what I think is Zinc.



10 years ago

Time was when coinage used to be made of precious metals so that the coins actually had some intrinsic value. With general inflation etc, making pennies out of things like copper makes them worth more as scrap metal than their face value. In the UK pennies are now copper-plated steel. I'd guess your penny was the same, but it wouldn't be lead (too expensive and soft). Hexaqua copper II is blue, you'll have copper II something - exactly what depends upon your electrolyte. If it's common salt it'd be chloride. L


Answer 10 years ago

-and if it's vinegar -acetate. L