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White Glue problem Answered

Does anyone know how to remove white glue from a fixed chair?
I'm fixing chairs for a pub around, but lately interchanged the wood pieces of the upper left and right. I noticed this 6hrs later, when it was too late to disassemble/tear things out. I know, basically it's possible to do so with water or heat, but in this case the glue is in the chair itself, so i guess, i can't heat it up - i thought about putting the chair into to a tub to soak it with water, but then i'd have the problem that even the chair's wood itself is soaked.

Any suggestions?



2 years ago

Above 80°C PVA already becomes soft but I guess that won't help you with something that big.
As the other guys pointed out steam or water will help but from experience with using PVA glue I know it takes forever to soak through a thicker layer enough to get it apart.
If you joined two flat surfaces a hot wire might help by simply cutting through the glue.
Sometimes you can have luck with heated up wall scraper of the thin type too.
Steam will only help if the joint is not too wide as you won't be able to get inside before the wood is soaked with water.


2 years ago

PVA glue isn't generally water proof although you may have to soak it for a while to soften. Try the steam option first it may be quicker.