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Who can crack this safe... Answered

I was wondering if anyone in here is good at opening safes. Its one of my new hobbies and feels great when i can get into them. I am having trouble with a Masterlock Portable Combination Safe 5900. If anyone has any ideas to help me out or knows exactly how to please dont be shy and share your ideas. Thanks for reading everyone and hope someone can help me with this challenging safe
Under is a link to the safe and specifics.


Message back asap. Thanks everyone



8 years ago

I can. Feel free to hire me to do so; my safework rates start at $100 minimum and go up from there by the hour.

t's your hobby; YOU figure it out.

(I'm not completely dismissive of locksmithing as a puzzle game; that's where I started. I *AM* completely dismissive of those who take up a puzzle and then expect someone else to hand them the solution. If you aren't willing to make an effort, you should pick another game.)


8 years ago

Is safe-cracking actually a hobby?

Or is this the last resort of a wife trying to get at her philandering husband's paperwork before she initiates divorce proceedings?

(Or vice versa.)