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Who can tell me how to identify a replica watches is in good quality or bad ? Answered

Who can tell me how to identify a replica watches is in good quality or bad ?I heard of the http://www.buyreplicawatches.netreplicawatches is well,Do you think so?how do you confirm those ?



5 years ago

With an increase in productions of replica watches, it is essential to distinguish between an authentic replica and a bad replica. There are some tricks that will help you to see minute differences between them. First you should examine the weight of the watch, in comparison to good quality replicas; bad ones are often coarse and lightweight. Also poorly made replica’s band may be hollow and it will be held together by pins, rather than screws. Check out an encoded 3D hologram sticker that you can find on good quality replica watches produced by some good companies like http://www.superwatches.hk/armani.htm . Touch the brand and feel whether it has smooth lines and edges or not, if it has rough edges then avoid it.


10 years ago

I haven't had the opportunity to personally examine any products from that site... However, I am a watch collector and I can tell you a lot of horror stories about counterfeit or replica watches. Let's just give you a rundown of the problems I associate with replicas. Looks: -The colors and details might not always match exactly. Sometimes a counterfeiter is lucky enough to get face parts from the original manufacturer... but usually they have to make some of their own. -A fake watch will sometimes be thicker to hide cheap, bulkier watch parts. -Metals may only be plated or may be of a different metal... so you may see corosion or flaking. Operation: -While most will keep good time, I've had a few fakes that ran too fast or too slow. -The watch may not have the same functions as the "real thing," often having dials or buttons that are just for show. -A fake's claim of "water-resistant" or "shock proof" is very rarely tested, and often a direct lie. -Fakes will sometimes have greatly reduced battery life due to inferior parts. Sometimes though, a fake watch can be better than the real thing. I've got a fake Rolex that looks almost identical (except for the absence of a logo and a different colored backplate) to my REAL Rolex. It keeps good time and it is a lot lighter, plus it cost me $5 so I can wear it fishing while I leave the $700 watch at home. That said, the best I can tell you about the watches you've been looking at is to try one in your price range. Just be aware that you may not have any warranty should you get burned. Good luck!


Answer 10 years ago

Fox- You hit the nail on the head. Clasps are often cheaper, and the milling used on the 'less visible' parts of the watch (like where the pin holds the wristband to the body) will have scratches. The real thing will be spotless. Rust or corrosion? fake. Lastly, you can buy 140 fakes for the price of a real rolex - one of them is likely a good watch ;) I have a real and fake Bullova - same thing again.