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Who decided to fix the website Answered

Who decided to revamp how messages and comments work?
THAT wasn't broken....what genius decided to fix something that wasn't broken?
Hey, how about fixing the part where I see a message from 1 year ago, followed by 2 months followed by 1 week, followed by 2 years followed by 3 days?



2 years ago

Won't happen.
There are many discussions already about the order, or the lack of it, when it comes to the comments.
Sometimes a topic pos up after years just to be forced to scroll all the way down the page to find a "useless" and unrelated comment to another comment.
Where any normal forum has a sorting order by the date and time of a comment we have chaos.
Seems that the concept of quoting the part replied to (if not the latest) is too confusing for the code monkeys ;)
All the good forums in the world must do it wrong it seems...


Reply 2 years ago

I was looking to see how many followers I have and who they are too, and I couldn't find it. The more I look around the new format, the more I realize that it was way better before.


2 years ago

What wasn't broken? The new email formatting, or the PM system?