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Why I Can't participate or win Answered

Why if Im from Chile I can't be part of the contest and things like that. Only because I'm not from the USA? just for that? I really wanted to participate and start writing instructables of everything I'm learning, but I also wanna enter the contest that are in instructable, so please, give me an answer :( why I can't participate?

I mean, yes I can participate... but if I win, I will automatically loose, because on the contest rules said that if you're not from one or another country, you're not legible to win or things like that... BUT WHY?!!!??!



3 years ago

I can understand why you are disappointed. But it is not because of who you are or where you are from. Check the laws in Chile for contests, and for and importing.

Contest laws are complicated. That is why you will always see "Canada (excluding Quebec)" on the list of eligible countries, even though Quebec is part of Canada. They have different laws from the rest of us, so they can't enter most contests.

Also, in Canada, games of chance are not allowed, so we always have to answer a "skill testing question", which is almost always mathematical, which makes it almost impossible for me. I won a box of crackers last year and then lost it because I did the math wrong. Sometimes the contest sponsors will make the question easy so that it's fair, but not all of them do, and to have to answer a complex math question just to get a box of crackers is really annoying. I was just happy that it wasn't a big prize. If I had won the $10,000 prize then lost it I would have cried for about a month. I am seriously thinking about starting a campaign to get the law changed.

You should keep posting Instructables anyway. It's fun and good practice for entering contests later, if Chile is added to the list. :)


4 years ago

Usually legal reasons or problems related to taxes and import.
If you have friends or family in one of the "allowed" countries you can use them as a shipping address and ask them to forward the price to you.
But first I would work on having good Instructables before starting to worry how to enter them in a contest.
If you only signed up for the rare chance of a contest win you might re-think the approach ;)