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Why I can not open selected project from instructables email in default browser? Answered

I am using Microsoft outlook for receiving Your emails. I last few weeks when I mouse click on offered project in Email it does not open web browser (in my case mozilla) with this project. Only select picture in Email? 



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5 years ago

I also have problems with the received letters. all below the inscription
editors' picks are no references to the projects. I use mozila browser to view the messages.
Thank you.


5 years ago

This is an ongoing issue that is isolated to users who receive the newsletter to an Outlook email.

The site's developers are aware of the issue, but it does not appear to be something they are able to resolve currently.

Outlook is increasingly not supported by the providers that distribute bulk emails (which clearly seems to be the case with the provider we use for our newsletter).

There are some very specific constraints with our newsletter, and unfortunately we cannot simply switch to a different provider at the present time.

As some have noted, you may be able to use the feature "view in web browser" to access the links in the newsletter.

However, if you have another email (a non-Outlook email) you may wish to subscribe to the newsletter with that one through the newsletter sign-up in the footer at the bottom of the page. (It typically takes about one week to start receiving the newsletter when you subscribe, so don't panic if you don't see them start coming immediately.)

This is understandably not a great option, but it may be the best one at this point for those that are currently subscribed with an Outlook email.

Sam (seamster)

Community Manager