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Why am I not getting any comments on my Instructable? Answered

Hi everyone, 
I published my Instructable a week or so ago (https://www.instructables.com/id/Star-Wars-Button-Bracelets/) and I've been a little bit surprised about the comments (or rather lack of comments). I was absolutely delighted to find that it was featured, and I'm completely not trying to brag, but it's had quite a few views and a few favourites too. However, I've only had one comment (thanks, struno!) and I was wondering whether this was a good thing or not? If it isn't a good thing, does anyone have any ideas as to how I could get some more comments?
Thank you very very very much!



Best Answer 3 years ago

Include a "call to action" at the end of your instructables. In this example something like "What other characters would you like to see?" or something else that gets people to interact more.

I tend to have three calls in my posts: a general "feel free to ask questions, give suggestions, or leave a comment." at the beginning, then something more specific to the project on my wrap up page like " how would you use this?" or "what features would you include?", and finally I request that people post pictures if they follow the guide and make the project (I also tend to give people that follow through with pictures a 3 month PRO code in hopes that it might help motivate them to create their own projects or just be more active on the site.)


3 years ago

Hi MinnieMouse8436,

I have 41 Instructables posted and have 14 with 1 or no comments, so it is not that rare to have zero comments. It seems that comments are usually in four areas,

1) Clarification; I don't understand a step.

2) Information; need more info on a material, etc.

3) Disagree with what you are doing (putting food in plastic bags will kill you).

4) Total amazement at what you did.

So three reasons are based on not having a good instructable, and since you have a good one, lack of comments can be a compliment!

Your Button Bracelets may only have interest for a narrow slice of the population and so there is less likelihood that you will get comments. Do not get disheartened your next instructable may get more comments!


My wife loves it when I cook, I'm baking pies & tarts right now. Putting them in the big and small contest.

It's nice there is no hard and fast to winning a prize in a contest other than good.


3 years ago

Maybe my very long work in forums can shed some light here ;)
Several years ago a forum was an active part of a select community.
This meant that if you post something it was almost certain that someone else felt the need to leave some sort of reply.
Sure, not al replies or comments had any use/meaning but still they were there.

Slowly all this changed with the internet becoming more a thing we even use on the toilet and while cooking and no longer just to share info.
Forums were and still are the place for good information and access to files.
The later can often still be found by other means but in the forum you still get the instructions and help for them.
Sadly the human as we know it changed from a monotype person to something with dual needs.
People have the weird need to share every tiny detail of their life on social media.
Some spend half of their awake time there and get square eyes ;)
But everything else that is done online they prefer to do in privacy and secrecy.

In our "modern" times all this comes down to a forum having several thausand registered mebers but less than a hand full of them are active in the forum, the rest we like to call "leechers" - they take what is available without a thank you, comment or feedback.
The term that the internet is a free zone perverted to the belief that what you do here has no affect on your life anyway - after all noone knows you...
If you reflect all this on something like an Instructable you would said in the old days that all your work is rubbish and that noone is interested enough to give you some feedback.
But thanks to technology we also have counters that show us how many people watched it.
IMHO this is still useless as only too many people just click on something without any real interest in it.
The have a quick read of the start and maybe some pics, then they move on.
However the favourites clearly show there are people that like it enough to stay on topic.
If you post crap or instructions that are impossible to understand you will get feedback, not the best and not always nice but you get it ;)
Getting no feedback at all in our cases can be seen as a positive thing as sad as it sounds.

I am sure a lot of Ibles have been used by people to make their own things but we will never hear about it or see pics.
I do wonder from time to time if all the work is worth it but then you get a PM or comment on an old project that shows the stuff is actually being used.
If you want more attention or feedback these days you need to make videos on youtube, brag about it on social media and plaster your links wherever possible.
On my end this won't happen as I am old school and refuse social media ;)
As one of my favourite TV show hosts liked to say "I reject reality and substitude my own!" ;)


3 years ago

When you don't get comments in a featured ible, it means your ible is very well presented, has no controversy and no obvious room for improvement.

Hey you got 14 people who want to save your ible as a reference or build it. I think that is better then comments..


3 years ago

On top of the very good responses you've had so far, you might want to consider sharing your work - tweet it, post it on Facebook, mention it on relevant blogs - so that more folk with a specific interest come and look, and, maybe, comment.


3 years ago

It happens.

Personally, the Comments are why I build most of projects!

I will usually ask for Suggestions on what could be done better, how would you make it, what colors would you use, "I challenge you to build this project without using a certain material, Show me what you can make....Ect
If you try to stimulate a bit of discussion in the first and last pages you have a much better chance of having a few comments :)

Also here's a few links to help you get Featured more often,

This is the Featuring checkist
it will tell you what the editors are looking for to feature an Instructable. I suggest taking Extra time on your thumbnail picture. your button bracelet thumbnail is nicely focused with a clean background. you can tell exactly what it is and your not distracted by what is in the background

You can always ask for help in the forums under the Clinic Page

There's a really good group of people who frequent the page who can help you ount if you need some constructive feedback !