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Why are all my comments colored red? Answered

I was looking at an instructable and I saw that all the comments that I made on it were now red. Why is this? I guess it's supposed to help you find comments that you made a while ago, but it doesn't seem helpful to me. It makes the whole comment look like one big link. If you put a real link in your comment, how is someone going to find it if it's all red?


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8 years ago

Its actually a minor bug with the code. It was noticed shortly after the Dev Team got an update done today, but they are aware of the issue now.

Since tomorrow is US Thanksgiving and a Stat Holiday, they may not get to fixing this right away (especially being so close to the weekend). They do need to get some time off too! So rest assured that this is only a minor and temporary issue, and perhaps a fitting appearance to the American Thanksgiving. :-)