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Why are so many entries that aren't qualified or applicable allowed to enter contests? Answered

I'm new, but it seems to me that if a moderator has to approve a submission of an entry, and the "sponsor" reserves the right to reject an entry, why in the world are completely unrelated instructables accepted into contests? I've seen it on several different contests since joining.

The main reason I ask is I want to contribute and vote on entries in these contests, and it doesn't seem fair to take away people's votes for an awesome instructable -- that can't win. It is everyone's time wasted to look at 200+ entries in a contest to be voted on, and seeing a dozen or more unrelated, unqualified entries taking votes from those who could really win. It's counter-productive! Guess I'm curious about how the back office runs the show :)

This is a burning question I've seen other people talking about too.  I've bit my tongue for a few weeks now, but I'm going crazy here!  Any light that could be shed here would be great, thanks.


fungus amungus

8 years ago

I'm not managing as many contests as I used to and am probably not dealing with what you're asking about, but often I would let entries that were close enough into the contests. Here's why:

Votes aren't taken away. Many of the votes for an entry come from regular views of the Instructable. Far fewer come from the contest page.

Edge cases aren't likely to win. While the admission may be a little lax at times for the entries, judging is far more critical. 

Since there's little downside I don't have a problem with it. I've been told about certain Instructables that were in contests that people didn't like and those have never won anything. And the winners were very cool entries.

Kitemanfungus amungus

Reply 8 years ago

I like that the admission sometimes gets lax - it gives very cool projects a chance to get decent rewards for their work.


8 years ago

fun-amun, what you say is true. I didn't think about the fact that the vote button is at the top of the entries, without navigating to the contest page. I see where you guys are coming from now, which is kind of what I needed to know. Thanks for the timely response.

Kiteman, one of them happens to be the clock contest. There's "gears from craft foam" which is neat what they did, but there's no clock involved at all. BUT given what fungus amungus just said, the gears could be used for making a clock of some sort, so I see why it was admitted.

Since I have you both, you have a great website here! I know you guys are smart as whips with the number of ibles and featured %'s and views that you both have. My challenge is to get everything I make to be featured in some way.


8 years ago

Are you thinking of any particular instances?