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Why can consoles play games with so easily, but I need a ridiculously powerful computer to run the same game on pc? Answered

How is it that consoles like the xbox 360 and PS3 can run games like GTA and Assassins Creed with less than a gig of ram, but my computer can barely run those, and its way better hardware than the console has. I understand that the console OS is less demanding than Windows, that much is obvious, but a difference of 4-8 GB of ram?! Surely Its not just the OS requirements! What makes the game so easy to run on consoles, but not on PC? and is there any way that I can make games run better on my computer without upgrading the hardware?



3 years ago

Your ridiculously powerful computer is running a whole bunch of other s... including reporting what you are doing to the wrong people right now !


Wired_Mist says it like I do..


Your console has dedicated code just for game play.

Your ridiculously powerful computer is running lost code ?... That means a code monkey was told to show an icon and rather then writing it he/she was to take it from the guy who moved last year.. But there was no time to use only that segment so all the guy's code was put in to run that icon... There is over 80% lost code in your ridiculously computer due to monkey managers wanting fast product delivery....

The Prickly Potato

4 years ago

There are many reasons consoles can play games better than PC's BUT they can NOT perform better than one

Here are some of the reasons consoles play games better than PC's

1. They usually run on a lower resolution, lower textures , FPS etc.

2. Most games are optimized for consoles, this means that the makers of the game have put more work on making it work better on console than on PC.

3. There are alot of background program, services running on a PC.

4. They have an operating system specifically made for gaming.

5. And like the previous point, PC's are not only made for gaming they are made for other things too like browsing, working etc.

I hope this helps you :)



4 years ago

A lot of it comes down to optimization, and effort to developing the software and code to of the game to work really well with the specific hardware like PS4. Sometimes, especially in the cases of PS2 and PS3, the developers will even use portions of the platforms for running scripts that were not intended to be used for that purpose at all by the engineers! (Thats why it is really difficult to simulate PS2 games on windows. Jak and Daxter is a good example.)

With PC games, on top of the weighty W7/W8 system running in the background, as well as the wide variety of hardware (32 bit vs 64 bit systems, AMD architectures vs intel architectures, wide variety of GPUs, mobo's, etc, etc.) As well as higher expectations by die-hard G33Ks and gamers, who systems using like 4 4K monitors running 240fps, or things like that, thats what ends up happening.

On systems like the old faithful PS2, the output was interlaced, and could be as high as 1080i ('i' being interlace, but that was only one game that supported that, and it was upscaled anyway, so I don't think it made a big difference) but I think they were using a software 'hack' to achieve that. Thinks that PC gamers see as absolutely necessary, like antialiasing, as if they will die w/o it! Also, a lot of other particle physics is generally a bit more complex and advanced in PC games.

Things like anti aliasing, lower resolution outputs, limited monitor outputs, etc are disabled, in consoles, and the far more optimized software in games that make it run that much smoother on limited platforms.


4 years ago

+1 to what the others are saying but there is more going on too.

Typically PC games run at higher frame rates, at higher resolutions, with better textures, more technology (advanced AA, PhysX, etc), and even less stuff happening in game (see: GTA V, Shadow of Mordor last gen vs current gen/pc). AC:Unity isn't even on the last gen (360, PS3) because it just couldn't run the game (Of course it turns out that the game doesn't really work on ANY generation but that's beside the point.) It's assumed that most people playing a game like GTA or AC are going to have at least 4Gb of RAM (the majority of people on Steam have 8 GB). Knowing this developers can optimize games on PC to make use of the expanded memory.

Basically the bar for PC is higher. If you account for overhead (the operating system, background tasks), turn down all the settings to match a 360, and find a game that is the same between the two you'll find that the difference in resources isn't as vast as you think.

You should make sure that you have a decent amount of virtual ram allocated but that is not a 1:1 analog to more physical RAM due to much lower speeds. Reducing the background tasks to a bare minimum and turning off any visual effects in the OS (Aero) can be minimally helpful. Honestly 4 GB of RAM will run you ~$30 and besides an SSD more RAM is probably the easiest and cheapest way to get the most dramatic all around improvement out of your computer.


4 years ago

Your Console has One Job; Let you Play games. Your computer has much more to process and requires more Resources to run effectively.

the visual effects and other background programs that were introduced with Vista required an extra 1-Gig of ram alone.

Really your console will devote all resourses to gaming while a Gaming computer has Other things on it's mind :P


4 years ago

Better hardware?

I assume your PC uses a standard processor no an optimised RISK processing unit.

I also assume your PC is designed as a work machine not a didicated graphic power house.

Game consoles are designed and optimised for one thing only: Gaming.

A PC is limited to the bus structure for Intel or AMD processors.

Where your PC needs to conver the code of game to usable chunks to be displayed a game console can feed the data stright through.

Most games these days are optimised for a certain type of graphics card, that is to address the code issues and data transfer rates possible.

Think of it like a car:

You can put a 800HP enigne in your old trusty Ford, even add a good suspension and tyres but it will never drive like a Ferrari or Koenigsegg.