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Why can't I edit my draft instructables? Answered

I'm able to create new drafts and insert multiple pages each with titles.  However when I attempt to add text to the body of a page, I'm unable to do most edit functions.  I am really only able to type in a single paragraph.  No "hard returns" are able to be inserted.  When clicking the "enter" key, nothing happens.  I am actually having the problem right now.  The only way I can input information is in one long paragraph.  Interestingly, one time I pasted in a couple paragraphs inside of my single paragraph and was able to operate in multiple paragraphs that way.  This way, I sort of "hijacked" a hard return to get paragraph separation.  Am I crazy?  This happens to me probably 50% of the time.  Other times everything seems to function properly.  Also of note - I'm unable to change the bold once it has been chosen like now.  However, I could insert cursor in a spot earlier and do some creative cut and paste etc..   Any Suggestions.  THANK YOU MUCH FOR BEARING WITH ME HERE!   Bob Z


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Best Answer 7 years ago

Can you post this as a bug report in the forums?

It would also be useful if you could include details of your operating system, browser and any add-ons you're using.


7 years ago

Thanks Kiteman,

I'm embarrassed to admit I have not frequented that area before. I will look for and info and post my details there.

FYI, I can do hard returns in this message! But still same editing issues on my instructables. :(

In case you know some miracle answer - my some of my specs:
Windows 64bit and primarily using IE 10.092xxxx
Error happens on any of my machines on our network (3 win7 boxes).

Your question may have helped me! ... You made me think of using Firefox instead - and It seems to work! This I can work with. :)

I'll post details that may be helpful for other in the appropriate forum.

Have a good one - Bob Z