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Why do Editors picks come up before Recent? Answered

I think it makes more sense for the most recent questions/answers to come up automatically because they are fresh and possibly requiring comments and answers. At the moment Editors Picks comes up (seem to stay the same ones for a long time) and may be old and already recieved many comments. Is there a reason for this?, if so it escapes me. When I log in I'm more interested in "whats new" than picking through the "old" to find something new.



Best Answer 8 years ago

The "Editors' Picks" (nee Featured) Questions stick around for a long time because feature-worthy ones are very few and far between. Just go through the "Recent" list for a few days, and see how many of them *you* think should be advertised on the main page, to encourage new users to participate.

However, that list is shown as the default for Questions because it's shown as the default everywhere on Instructables. The idea is that you want to present your "best stuff" for people brand new to the site, so that they'll be interested enough to stick around (and be eyeballs on ads).

If you are more interested in the Recent stuff -- because you've been participating for a while, and already know what's good -- then you can do that really easily, by just bookmarking the page in your browser. Don't waste your time navigating through to it, just go directly.


8 years ago

This just shows what people are liking at the moment but you can click an orange tab where it says RECENT and you can see the most recent in that category.