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Why do Pro members always win contests? Answered

in many contests i have seen only pro members have won. Some winners are wining with basic non creative things. What do pro member have over free members?



Best Answer 7 years ago

You don't just have to enter a contest to be recognised and rewarded for your effort - if a project is good enough to win a contest, it is also good enough to have earned a Feature before the contest deadline. A Feature earns you a Pro membership.

As for your claim that some winners have been "basic non creative" projects, I'm afraid I'd have to take issue with that. Finalists are chosen by an open vote, where every member can voice their opinion. Final judging is done by a group of people that care passionately about Making and about the site, and creativity is a driving criterion of the process. "Basic and non creative" just doesn't cut it.


7 years ago

Because they made good instructables in the past so they got PRO but you may want to ask one of the editors.


Answer 7 years ago

Furthermore, they become pro(it's always part of the prize) as soon as they win something, so there's basically no way there could be a non-pro winner. Unless perhaps you look at really old stuff.


7 years ago

I think jrh065 has the correct answer. A "pro" membership has been a part of all recent contest prize packages. Therefore, by the time you see who the winner is, they've already been awarded the "pro" membership.


7 years ago

The fact that a member is pro or not shouldn't make a difference.

I'm only a Pro member, because I submitted projects that got featured on the homepage, and therefore won my membership.

I have only won a weekly challenge, but have entered others.