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Why do instructables pictures never work as they are supposed to? Answered

Anyone else notice the two javascript errors written into every instructable? Why has nobody fixed this? One of the errors is a simple problem of someone forgot a '}' but the other error is a more annoying one. 'imageSpot is undefined'. The upshot for my old computer, as well as my other newer home computer, is that images do not desplay correctly. I can see the thumbnails, but clicking on the images does nothing. Its extremely infuriating to read a great instructable, complete with lots of images and not be able to see the details on any one image! Why has this not been addressed! Just define the damn variable, and fix the bracket and we can all read instructables in peace. Thanks, -Mike



11 years ago

What browser are you using ?


Reply 11 years ago

currently using internet explorer 6.0.2800.1106 I have had similar problems with other versions of IE. regardless of browser, the javascript code will have errors in it. Some browsers can probably run the code without trouble despite the errors, but the errors will stil remain and the webpage will still be technically incorect. What browser should I be using?


Reply 11 years ago

I have FireFox and am not seeing that on my Error console. I know IE has a lot of places where it is not strictly DOM compliant. If you REALLY want to see goofy things, upgrade to IE 7 or worse (MUCH WORSE) is the Beta v 8 They are horrible. Skate is correct. For this site Firefox works best (although I get decent results from Flock also).