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Why does my Mitsubishi M-U2200 Stereo Integrated Amplifier keep cutting out? Answered

Sometimes it will play fine for ten minutes or so and then just totally cut out. Usually it won't come back on but sometimes it might start right back up again. It has done this using both the phonograph and CD player. Also, whenever it goes out, the amps power light will still be on, but the volume and component lights all go out. The entire system sat in a box for about a year (after my grandma gave it to me), but when I installed it a couple of months ago I cleaned it and got new speaker wires. Ever since the issue has only gotten worse. I also live in a really old house with less than great wiring, and I'm hoping thats not the issue, and its only something minor. Any suggestions?



2 years ago

It's a simple enough fix and may surprise you as well !
Mine was doing the same thing and after futile diagnosis and parts
replacement, the cause was a dirty/oxidized power pushbutton switch on the
front control board. Clean it up with some deOxit and all should be good
after that ! The front board push button operates in a logic state using around
low dc volts, oxidation fools the processor into thinking that the user wants to
power down



4 years ago

Could be the electrolytic capacitors are old and leaking, bad solder connections or as mentioned overheating of parts.


4 years ago

Difficult to diagnose, but it seems like something is getting too hot. Has this thing a fan? may it be not turning any more? Are all power semiconductors still in close contact with their heat sinks? I think you can rule out the house's wiring. Do you have access to a thermal imaging camera (okay, I know, few people do, but just in case)- if so look inside with it and find out where the hotspot/s is/are.