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Why does my text disappear when reorganizing pictures on my Instructable? Answered

When making an Instructable sometimes the all the text for a step disappears. Seems to happen when I am adding, tagging, or reorganizing pictures. Why is it doing this? I've had to revert to older versions twice now, loosing a lot of progress and changes along the way?  Seems to happen in firefox and chrome.  It's worked fairly well in IE, but I hate everything else about IE, so I'd rather not use it.


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Best Answer 10 years ago

You'd be better off posting this as a bug report.

If I recall the related bug reports, it may be that the text isn't actually lost, provided you don't save the mangled page you're looking at. After doing the reordering, try doing a hard refresh of the page; the text may magically reappear.

In your bug report, please specify which versions of FF and Chrome, and what your operating system is. A lot of the editing stuff is driven by JavaScript on the client side, and the OS really can make a difference :-(