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Why does one of my instructables keeps putting itself back into drafts? Answered

I published this instructable two days ago and have just come back here to create another one when I noticed it had gone from my list. Then I noticed I had a draft instructable, which I shouldn't have and hey presto there it was. I published it again from the draft but I have checked back three times since and it is always back in drafts again. Does it have a life of its own? Is it trying to tell me something? Any one any ideas? This is it: https://www.instructables.com/id/Organic-Seaweedless-Sushi-Making-your-own-home-gro/ but if it is already back in drafts may be no one will find it but I guess an Instructables Admin can. All the very best and thanks in advance for any help, Pavlovafowl aka Sue


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6 years ago

Hi Kiteman thank you very much for your second answer (it doesn't seem to be showing on here yet?). That clarified a great deal and was most useful and constructive. The only point I didn't understand was point 5.

5. Leaving the comment like that probably means that other ("ordinary")
readers flagged your project as spam, and she was the staff member on
flag-checking duty at the time...

but I think that could be a typo and you meant 'instructable' not comment.

I had actually pieced together some ideas of my own on how to set it out and what not and what to include and put them all back on before I received your mail so I think I am on the right track now. Except I would never have guessed you could ask for subs nor sell things through Instructables, that was a real eye-opener!

I'm happy this all got sorted out - it is quite true as I wrote below that we have been not too happy with some 'strange' comments we had to deal with recently - hence my 'icing on the cake' comment. That episode was actually sorted out by someone else and we got an unexpected very positive outcome from it, which was so generous and lovely.

I have replied again (on my nasturtium leaf nasturtium wrap instructable) to MsSweetSatisfaction - she has actually written a very positive comment on an Instructable, where she'd previously posted that same generic thing. I include a copy of my reply below as I did mention you in it:

Hi There,

I have since through the
kind help from instructable member Kiteman, found out that you were
working for Instructables and were in fact flagging up that I needed to
alter this instructable in certain specific ways, which I have now done.
There have been a lot of strange and quite frankly 'stalking-type'
comments turning up on instructables recently and as you had pasted this
same repeated generic comment on a couple of our instructables and
with no explanation as to who you were, nor really why you were doing
it, I thought you were one of those. At the same time you were actually
also putting comments on our
instructables saying you liked them, so we got into a real confusion

it might be a good idea just to make your comment more specific to the
problem, not include the 'welcome' bit, which just sounds so odd when
someone has been on Instructables for several years and above all put
'Member of the Instructables Team' under your name. Then I would not
have been forced into making the points I did.

It was only sorted
out because I couldn't work out why my instructable kept turning up in
'drafts' and so posted a question and Kiteman answered it - happily
because otherwise we still would be in the dark and going round in
circles or just giving up altogether.

All the best and hope this helps clarify things,


Thanks again, Kiteman for all your help and for taking time out to clarify the procedure. I guess it would be great if you could write an Insructable on just this - it certainly would have helped me to understand the pros and cons of this new instructables format for creating an instructable. I know it's not actually that 'new' but it is to me as it is actually the first time I have used this format.

All the best,



6 years ago

Hi Kiteman,

Thank -you for your reply. I have a couple of points which I would like you to clarify if possible. It would be very helpful to me in my decision making.

Firstly why didn't MsSweetSatisfaction explain, she was a staff member and why write such a strange comment 'welcoming' me to a site I had been on since 2011. What was I supposed to understand from that? This was the only reason I mentioned how many instructables I had posted and how long I had been on here.

Secondly, I used to do just as she is doing now, post a youtube video, which is a link to another site. I presume like me she does not have the time to rewrite everything she wants to share either. I believed that linking to my own blog, which is exactly what I asked instructables to allow some months ago, was actually a better and more comprehensible way than just sticking my video on a page. I do not live in a country where I have the right to enter your competitions so I was really happy to find you now allowed links, it seemed like you were actually acknowledging that I was making a contribution to this community although not fully a part of it.

I still don't see how posting some photos with no explanation is better than posting photos, information on nasturtiums and a link. The instructable is about growing nasturtiums for sushi wraps and the information on nasturtiums is in the information on the instructable.

Reading that comment this morning was the icing on the cake. I still don't know, despite your kind explanation, why she sent it., nor why she couldn't come out in the open and explain she was working for instructables. if I wanted to be really critical, I would also ask why she touts for subs for her youtube site on her instructables, something I have never done.and which I would certainly think of as spam! Viz:-

'If you feel like being extra awesome subscribing to my youtube channel by clicking here would be appreciated.'

Yet another indication why I never imagined she was a member of the instructables team.

You see I have no beef with MsSweetSatisfaction, she can do what she wants but the truth of the matter is she can't have it both ways if this is supposed to be 'a community'.

Best wishes, Sue



6 years ago

If it has a URL with words instead of random characters, it is not in draft form. If it is not in the public lists, it has been filtered, or flagged for review by a member.

Looking at your link, it has been filtered for not actually being an instructable - you tell folk what you did, but not how. That was explained to you by the staff-member in the comments.


Regarding your comment to the staff-member, there is no certain number of projects, or years of membership, above which you are allowed to ignore the site's Terms of Service, nor are there levels below which comments can be ignored. If you're just going to post links to content elsewhere, that counts as spam, and spamming can cost you your membership.

Ironically, if you had just posted the photos, and not included the link, it would have been fine to post.