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Why doesn't my Instructable show up? Answered

I can't find my instructable unless I go to the URL. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?
Thanks a lot!




don doerner

2 years ago

What happened to my instructable? I saved it after every step in the instructions

Yeah, that happens to me to. I guess the instructable doesn't appear until the instructables staff views it. And if they rate it as a good instructable, they put it high on the list, if it is bad than they put it very low on the list or maybe not on the list at all. If they miss something than members have the option of flagging it. (Note: the instructables are not rated by wow well they are written or how good your creation is, it is rated by whether or not you put bad language in it, uncensored pornographic type pictures, or whether or not the author was just being plain mean.) I'm sure you didn't do any of that, so your instructables should come up real soon.

Hope I helped!



5 years ago

It can take up to 24 hours for the instructable to appear after it has been published.


5 years ago

Go to the tech section. Click on the Recent tab and you'll find it on page 4. When you bring up the different sections they default to the featured instructables. Yours hasn't been featured.


5 years ago

I see it if I click on the link in your profile