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Why hasn't my Instructable shown up yet? Answered

I published an instructable on friday afternoon, and as of Sunday afternoon it still hasn't shown up on the Arts page as a Recent Instructable. Whats going on? I assume that they give each Instructable a once-over to make sure people aren't being racist or anything, but its been 48 hours. I thought maybe they don't put up new Instructables on weekends, but there are new ones that were published yesterday. I tried unpublishing it and republishing it but that hasn't helped. Does anyone know how Instructables operates on this matter, and what I may have done wrong? Thanks.



Best Answer 10 years ago

Sometimes, instructables trigger a filter, and have to wait for human intervention before they appear in the lists. If you post on a Friday, and you trigger the filters, then you usually have to wait until the Team get back into the office on Monday. Add to that the current extra workload caused by the pro account launch, and you may have to be patient for 2 or 3 more days before it hits the list.


10 years ago

It happens sometimes and we don't know why. How did colin353 find it on Friday? Probably through you I guess. Don't know, but if it's not there tomorrow post a topic in Help > Bugs



Answer 10 years ago

Colin is my friend, I direct linked him to it The rest of the views are from the direct link on my Facebook page.